Why did Prince Harry miss Princess Charlotte's christening?! The reason will melt your heart...


We love him because he’s the naughty Royal and, if truth be told, we totally fancy him (which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact he is probably our last possible option in mission become-a-princess).

But has Prince Harry took his bad boy antics to new levels by missing his baby niece, Princess Charlotte, at her Christening?!

In short, no.

And before you label us cold hearted (because, c’mon, if we were invited we’d have definitely  been there and we probably wouldn’t have even yawned like we did at our OWN niece’s christening), Harry actually has a very sweet alibi as to why he missed Princess Charlotte getting dipped around in holy water.

Harry is in fact tied up with his conservation work in South Africa, and was unable to make the journey over to the UK to join the celebrations due to his work commitments.

According to the Mail on Sunday, on the day of Charlotte’s christening Hazza told fellow conservation workers ‘What a bad uncle I am! I should really be there. But today I am here, this is where I want to be’.

And for research (because, you know, if someone gets to marry Harry it should at least be one of us), 30-year-old Harry reportedly then went on to explain to his co-workers the difficulty of dating.

On the topic of bodyguards, the source is reported to have revealed ‘we asked him asked what about if you’re with a girlfriend. Are they around then?…Harry said, ‘unfortunately yes, more than ever. But I know how to handle that’. *Adds note to our top secret ‘Mission marry Harry’ notebook*.

And if you need any more ‘husband material’ evidence, then you’ll be pleased to learn of Harry‘s work in South Africa- The prince has joined Operation Corona, which is an anti-poaching campaign . He has also been shadowing Veterinarian, Dr Pete Morkel, whom is battling to save endangered species in the wild.

Anyway, if anyone wants us we’ll be packing- something came up and we have to visit our Auntie Sue in South Africa….*ahem*

Alice Perry