Tom Cruise reportedly wants Prince Harry on board for Top Gun 2 - wouldn’t that be amazing?!


With the sequel to legendary 80s movie Top Gun properly in development (eek!), leading man Tom Cruise is apparently pulling out all the stops to get another big name on board.

Tom – who will reprise his role as pilot Maverick in the flick – reportedly wants none other than our own Prince Harry involved in the movie. Yep, the 53-year-old Hollywood star hopes that Harry, 30, might take a role as he offers ‘real experience and knowledge of flying in combat’, the Daily Star reports.

‘Tom has thrown the offer out to his team to hit up Buckingham Palace and get Prince Harry,’ an American casting agent claims.

‘He’s even suggested the prince’s salary could be donated directly to his chosen charity. Tom also hopes David Beckham can put a word in and pull some strings too.’

Personally we think this could be the best idea EVER. Harry would be so perfect for Top Gun 2 – and here’s 7 reasons why…

He’s got the knowledge

Tom is said to want Harry in the film because of his background and we can totally understand why. With 10 years in the military under his belt, Harry is an experienced Apache pilot who’s worked for the Army Air Corps so he knows his stuff when it comes to flying. Maybe he could even give Tom some tips…

He’s a hit with the ladies

Maverick and the Top Gun boys made many a girl swoon back in the day, just as Harry has been doing for many years. He’d easily fit in with the heartthrob squad!

He knows how to rock a uniform

Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? Harry’s proved on the many occasions he’s stepped out in his army gear that he looks great in the get-up and we’ve no doubts that those green overalls made famous by Maverick would suit him a treat. After all, everyone knows that green works amazingly well with red hair.

He’d look awesome in Aviators

The Aviator specs were an integral part of the Top Gun look so it’d be absolutely necessary for Harry to wear them. Luckily we’ve seen the prince in sunglasses before and he always manages to pull them off, so he’d have no trouble working the Aviators.

He’s done the whole ‘boy to man’ thing

Just as Maverick changed from the reckless young hotshot to thoughtful and experienced pilot in the first Top Gun movie, Harry has grown before our eyes over the years from the royal with a wild reputation to a responsible and hard-working man. It’s a Hollywood-worthy story in itself.

He’s an 80s baby

Harry was born just a couple of years before Top Gun’s release, so we bet he and Prince William watched it a fair few times during their youth (when they were old enough, of course).

He could re-enact the karaoke scene

Now THIS would be brilliant. Harry reportedly enjoyed a bit of a sing-song during a night out in London in 2012 so we’d love to see him do a similar karaoke scene to the one from the first Top Gun film (you know, when Maverick serenaded Kelly McGillis’s character Charlie in the bar?). Plus it would give big brother Wills a run for his money, given that Kate Middleton’s man famously once did karaoke with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi, no less. We NEED this to happen please.

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