Rapper Professor Green shares his 'interesting day' to Twitter....

If we were to say ‘interesting day’, what springs immediately to mind?

You’re probably thinking about a museum day, perhaps, or something else that is entirely respectable and adult and definitely ISN’T drinking a bottle of wine in the local Spoons at 2pm (although, that *also* sounds v. v. interesting).

GIF professor green

(Real life representation of us in Spoons at 2pm….) (It isn’t pretty).

What probably DIDN’T spring to mind, however, is spending the day being targeted by a knife wielding maniac- yet this was Professor Green‘s ‘interesting day’ yesterday. Yep- we know. *Shudders*

Taking to Twitter, 33-year-old Pro shared his rather eventful Thursday- writing, ‘Interesting day filming. Some bloke was noising up while we were trying to film. Reappears later waving a blade about #cheltenham‘. 

Many were quick to reply to Pro‘s shocking claims, with messages of concern reading ‘That’s so disappointing when we’ve had a recent knife amnesty! Too many innocent people killed from knife crime’ and ‘So pleased that you are ok’.

Yesterdays encounter comes after the rapper was fatally attacked in a club brawl back in 2010- Pro‘s neck was sliced open leaving him fighting for his life.


Speaking of the horrendous incident in his autobiography, the 33-year-old recalled that his attacker got ‘right in my face’ and told him: ‘You think you’re a bad man?’. He elaborated, ‘Five minutes later the man who had been arguing with me came at me from behind. I turned around to see a flash of his hand rising fast towards my face…he stabbed me with a jagged half-bottle. It pierced the left side of my neck, straight through the ‘Lucky’ tattoo’.

Pro‘s attacker is currently serving eight years in prison for the incident.

Alice Perry/ @AlicePerrr