Because what's more fun than a matching mum and daughter Halloween costume, eh Katie and Princess?


With a choice of either sexy or scary, there was only ever going to be one Halloween costume option for Katie Price.

The former glamour model appeared on ITV’s Loose Women panel earlier today decked out in a head to toe sexy leopard costume.



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Katie wore a leopard print skin-tight catsuit that showed off her petite figured, teamed with over-the-knee boots, faux fur fingerless gloves and lace cat ears to fit in with the show’s Halloween theme.

Erm, reckon we can pull this one off?

She completed the sultry look with a heavy smoky eye and drawn on whiskers. Because obviously.

But Katie wasn’t the only one rocking a feline look today – she uploaded a cute snap to Instagram just after the programme aired which showed a selfie of her and daughter Princess.

In the image Princess has her face painted like a leopard and is wearing fluffy ears just like her mum.

Oh you guys are just too much.

Katie was on Loose Women to chat all things spooky and paranormal and said: ‘My house is haunted – actually most of my houses are haunted’.

‘Mediums say it’s me. I have an aura about me.’

When asked who she’d had in to exorcise the house, Katie replied: ‘I think it was a man dressed as woman but I’m not quite sure.’

To which Andrea McLean replied, with a sneaky reference to Katie’s ex-hubby Alex Reid, ‘I’ve heard you get a lot of that!’

All sounds a bit catty to us… (got to love a pun, right?)

Find out Katie Price’s advice to mums in the video below…