Strictly Come Dancing star opens up about family rift

Rachel Stevens has revealed that her heartbreak over her estranged dad Michael.

Her parents divorced at the height of her fame with S Club 7.

Although she initially stayed close to both, the Strictly Come Dancing runner-up cut ties with her father after he criticised her in an interview 5 years ago.

‘She’s a stunningly beautiful girl – that’s about all she is,’ Michael said. ‘She’s so selfish.’

Rachel – who had supported him after he published a ‘blue’ guide to London 8 years ago – was devastated.

‘It’s sad because I grew up idolising him,’ she says.

‘I’ve cried a lot. People like him don’t change because they’re not even aware of the mistakes they made.

‘I don’t want to carry around that hurt. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but I can’t have a relationship with my own dad any more.’

Alison Adey

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