The TV presenter and documentary maker, 
33, chats to us about 
his life in telly…


You’ve been on telly for years. Do you think you manage to enjoy a life 
out of the spotlight to 
some degree?

I’d say yes and no. It’s up to you whether you want to be in the spotlight. If I’m going to meet up with a friend, then I won’t go to Nobu 
with them because that’s inviting attention. That’s not really my style.

How do you like to chill out when you’re not working?

I travel loads for work and 
I make sure to block-book out my diary, so that when I’m home I get to see everyone. I’m very conscious of that. I’m cautious about who I have around me and 
I like to have a normal life.


What about your celeb pals, like Fearne Cotton?

I honestly don’t see people like Fearne as a celebrity friend. She’s just a friend, 
full stop. I’d say the same about anyone else who might happen to be famous that I’m friends with.

Reggie and old pal Fearne

You’ve been making lots of documentaries. What are you working on next?

I’m shooting an immersive film, putting myself in the shoes of people I’m trying to understand. In the past I’ve visited jails and enrolled in the army. This time round I’m going to be in Iraq, in a refugee camp. I got home a week ago and I’m really glad I got the experience. It’s an opportunity to understand a situation that’s totally different to my life.

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You’ve been working 
with Walkers. Tell us about 
the campaign…

The whole idea of getting people together to watch a football match is about fans being able to enjoy each other’s company as well as the game.

What’s your favourite 
flavour of crisps?

Prawn cocktail. 
I ate loads while filming the campaign. You get the stinkiest hands after eating prawn cocktail, but they just taste so good. There’s no snogging when you’ve been eating them!

Reggie’s an ambassador for the Walkers Snap & Share UEFA Champions League campaign. Visit for more info. #WalkersUnited