One Foot In The Grave star hints that he uses Viagra

Life-long bachelor Richard Wilson has revealed that he’s turned to ‘chemical advances’ to help him in the bedroom.

The One Foot In The Grave star insists sex is still important to him, but that he needs a little help now he’s in his 70s.

‘The ageing process has its drawbacks,’ he says when asked about his attitude to sex.

‘I think the recent chemical advances are excellent – I’ve made use of them, shall we say.’

But Richard, who played grumpy Victor Meldrew in the long-running series, says he wouldn’t use cosmetic surgery to halt the ageing process – but he likes to keep in shape.

‘When I was younger if there was a 100-per-cent guaranteed way to stop hair loss I would have been interested, but I never think about cosmetic surgery,’ he tells The Observer Magazine.

‘I’ve got a mini gym at home where I do pull-ups and press-ups and I swim regularly,’ he says. ‘Every now and again I still stagger around a squash court.’