Actor reckons his pearly whites are his best feature

Ricky Gervais was once asked if his less-than-perfect teeth were a film prop.

The comedian, who plays David Brent in TV’s The Office and Bertram Pincus in new movie Ghost Town, was outraged when a journalist didn’t believe his gnashers were real.

‘I do have freakishly good teeth,’ he jokes in Weekend.

‘In one interview a journalist said, “Now in this film you have those amazing dentist teeth.” When I said they were my own, we ended up arguing about it. Did she think I went round the back and put a fake set in? Unbelievable.’

But Ricky, 47, likes to quip about his appearance.

‘I’m a lot taller than I look on television and younger,’ he jokes.

‘For the role of David Brent, I wore a fat suit under my clothes. Really, I’m about 25 and 6ft 1in. So that’s probably why you don’t recognise me on the street.’

Alison Adey