Singer tried to do everything for his sons himself but then realised he needed help


Ricky Martin was overcome when he cradled his newborn sons for the first time.

Matteo and Valentino were born to a surrogate mother in August so Ricky is a single dad.

‘I was sweating because I was so nervous,’ he admits.

‘My family was there, and friends. But I just needed to look at my sons. They were swaddled but I was like, “I want to see their toes, I want to see their bellies. I want to touch their hands!”

‘I needed to hold them. I wanted them to know my scent. It was a special moment.’

Ricky, 36, was so determined to be a good dad that he refused to accept help from his family.

‘The first two weeks I did everything for them myself,’ he tells Hello!

‘Until one day my mum said, “Ricky please! Allow us to help you. You’re a zombie already.”

‘I wanted to change them, feed them, burp them, bathe them, all with no help. Mum said, “Okay, enough is enough, please, can I burp the child? It’s not about you, it’s about the baby.”

‘So that’s when I realised there was nothing to be ashamed about asking for help.’

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