Ronald Fenty's proud that daughter Rihanna found fame through talent


Rihanna‘s father claims he give up crack cocaine for the sake of his talented daughter.

The singer – real name Robyn Fenty – grew up in a tiny bungalow in Bridgetown, Barbados, and has spoken many times about her difficult childhood.

‘My dad was part of that 60s generation who took drugs as a matter of course,’ she recalls.


was only in my teenage years that I started to get angry at him, maybe

even hated him.’

Ronald Fenty, 57 – who divorced Rihanna‘s mum when she was 14 – still struggles with his demons, but has beaten his habit ‘touch wood’.

‘I did have a drug problem and Robyn did walk in and see me taking drugs in our house,’ he says.

‘She was just a little kid and it made her look at me, and other things, differently.

‘I did not want my children to see me sleeping on the sidewalk so I started making the changes.’

Father and daughter, 22, reconciled but fell out again in 2008 – when Ronald got drunk on her tour bus – before making their peace once more.

Robyn has special charisma. She’s charming, smart and witty,’ her proud dad tells The Sun.

‘She didn’t have to get no fake boobs or nothing.’


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