X Factor's Fleur East is no stranger to celebrity - she used to be a nightclub waitress for Rita Ora!


Sassy X Factor finalist Fleur East has already flipped a perfect 180 on the judges following her ‘Slam Dunk’ performance of Chris Brown‘s Fine China, earning her place in Team Simon Cowell after a shaky start in the audition stages.

She is now well on her way to claiming the ultimate prize – winning the X Factor.

The youngest in her group, Fleur has huge celebrity support rallying around her following a summer performing with five-piece dance outfit DJ Fresh, where she received some precious words of wisdom from none other than the lovely Rita Ora.

‘She’s told me just to love it, enjoy it. She’s so down to earth,’ Fleur admits, after hanging out with the singer at the Wireless festival.

But that’s not the first time Fleur and Rita’s paths have crossed. Fleur used to waitress at cool Mayfair nightclub Aura where Rita would rock up every Saturday night. When the pair met again, Rita told her: ‘Oh my God, it’s you, it’s the daylight and not under the influence!’. We can’t imagine all the shenanigans Fleur must have seen as a waitress at the celeb super-haunt…

Fleur, 26, is no stranger to the X Factor stage after previously appearing on series two of the show as part of girl group Addictive Ladies, who were subsequently booted off in the early stages of the live shows. Instead of being knocked back by the experience however, the soloist believes that it has only given her the hunger for more.

‘It’s been so emotional. I couldn’t even imagine beforehand, how it would feel if I went through. I’ve been conditioned to be disappointed. When Simon said those words “I believe in you”, it was amazing.’

Fleur admitted after her arena audition, ‘I had to do something special. I knew I couldn’t afford to be complacent. I knew I hadn’t done enough up until this point. I’d had a few good comments, but I wasn’t up there. I had to go in all guns blazing, and that’s what I did. 

Perhaps it’s the combination of style and sheer determination that singles
out as this season’s hottest contender, however, there’s one thing team
X Factor
can’t mess with…

‘I hope they won’t touch my hair!’