How can she even lift her hand?

For weeks people have been speculating about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna and now they’ve given us a MASSIVE hint about an engagement.

The model posted a picture on Instagram featuring a gigantic ring, captioned with the words ‘YES’ while cuddling Rob. If that wasn’t a big enough hint, Blac Chyna’s mother, Tokyo, commented saying she’s ‘so happy’ for them.

YES !…!…!

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Guys, we’ve got a Kardashian engagement, prepare for the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen in your life. Again.


Fans have been ecstatic about the news, with one commenting: ‘Congratz baby girl. Everyone deserves to be happy.’

And friends including Kanye’s ex Amber Rose also confirmed the news.

While another is just expecting one heck of a party: ‘Bruhh this wedding going to be too litt’.

This comes days after it was revealed Rob was a hit with his girlfriend’s parents. According to TMZ, they thought he was a better match than father of her son, Tyga, ever was, and they loved his positive attitude. There was even mention of him being ‘the one’ – you know, wedding bells!

He meets the parents and suddenly there’s a ring on her finger.

[GIF] Kim Kardashian crying KUWTK

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Let’s talk about that giant ring for a second… doesn’t it look familiar? Like we’ve seen it before?

Like on Blac Chyna’s rival and Rob’s sister, Kim Kardashian?

Blac Chyna and Kim Kardashian Ring

Maybe he needed some inspiration. Congratulations to the pair! We’re looking forward to seeing the drama from the wedding.

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