Is R-Pattz keeping his options open?

He may have forgiven Kristen Stewart for cheating on him, but Robert Pattinson doesn’t appear to be in a rush to go back to how things were.

A Now eyewitness spotted R-Pattz, 26, swapping numbers with Afghan actress Azita Ghanizada, 32, at Jimmy Kimmel’s recent Emmys bash at LA’s Soho House.

‘She was wearing a figure-hugging dress and caught Rob’s eye immediately,’ reveals the onlooker.

‘They spoke for well over an hour, to the exclusion of everyone else at the party.

‘Judging by the effort Rob was making to impress her, there’s no doubt he was interested in seeing her again.

‘He wouldn’t have asked for her number if he wasn’t.’

It comes as one of Rob’s close friends tells Now that he’s taking things very slowly with Kristen, 22.

‘He’s made it quite clear that he doesn’t understand anyone who cheats,’ says our source, ‘but that was before he had his heart carved up by Kristen.’

Read more about Robert Pattinson in Now magazine dated 15 October 2012 – out now!


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