The former Bake Off runner-up took the opportunity to plug her own book while she was at it too

Ruby Tandoh won the hearts of the nation when she appeared on The Great British Bake Off in 2013 – so much so that she was voted the show’s favourite past contestant in a Radio Times poll last year.

But it seems as though the woman herself has no love to spare when it comes to fellow foodies and celebrity fitness faves after going on an EPIC Twitter rant.

The baker and columnist lashed out at the ‘f**ked up’ and fatphobic’ food press, taking aim at celebrity authors of health-focused cook books in a ‘furious’ stream of tweets that name-checked the likes of Jamie Oliver and Davina McCall – whilst taking the opportunity to plug her own tome.

‘8 out of 10 food bestsellers are diet books. help me knock 1 of these superfood shills off their perch: buy my book,’ her rant began.

She added: ‘This is not a drill, i’m being serious. i will DIE before i let another f**king diet industry shill or raging tory outshine me in the charts.

‘Retweet this, share it, buy the damn book. end fatphobic, cruel, self-serving ‘foodies’ dominating the food press. it’s f**ked up.’

And then she started to get personal, lashing out at former Bake Off: Crème de la Crème Tom Kerridge and gluten-free enthusiasts the Hemsley sisters, confessing to being ‘furious’ as she did so.

‘While i’m on the topic, tom kerridge’s dopamine diet is a) the height of self-serving, disingenuous ‘makeover’ food books b) total bollocks.

‘Cutting out carbs will not set you up for better brain health or happiness or mental wellbeing. carbs are integral for serotonin production

‘Meanwhile, the hemsleys are releasing their own cookbooks which means half the f**king brain cells for double the price.’

Not even the lovely Joe Wicks of Lean in 15 fame was safe, with Ruby typing: ‘Joe wicks bish bash boshing himself to a multi million £££ turnover.’

She continued: ‘Jamie (and lorraine pascale, hairy bikers, etc) swinging from ‘comfort food’ to ‘superfood’ and back again whenever the price is right.’


In the wake of her rant, Ruby saw her own book – Flavour: Eat What You Love – rocket up the charts, with the star giving her followers updates on its progress.

‘GUYS it’s now #74 in food and drink! i am delighted! above some Davina weight loss manual and The Fast Diet Recipe Book and 3-2-1 diet,’ she tweeted.

Good news for you then, Rubes!