X Factor winner Sam Bailey tells us her husband loves her body - wobbly bits and all


X Factor winner Sam Bailey says she’s lucky to have her husband Craig Pearson, 42, who says he married her for the woman she is rather than for her figure. Having struggled with her weight in the past, Sam, 38, slimmed from a size 18 to a 12 during the TV series, but became pregnant shortly after winning the X Factor crown. She gave birth to her third child Miley last September, and following her pregnancy says she was a size 16.

She’s since dropped to a 12 but tells Now: ‘Craig’s never, ever said I’ve needed to lose weight. I’ve been with him for 13 years and he’s never said anything in the sense of: “I think you need to lose a little bit of weight.” If anything, when I put on weight Craig’s commented on how massive my boobs are – I think they’re called “funbags”!’


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Sam, who has been married to Craig for ten years says giving up smoking really caused her weight to balloon. ‘I was eating so much rubbish and the pounds went on so quickly I didn’t even really notice to start with and by the time I realised how big I’d got I felt like it was too late to do anything about it,’ she has said.

‘I know people talked a lot about my weight when I was on the show, but the producers didn’t put me on any kind of ridiculous diet or force me to go to the gym every day.’

But she continues: ‘My body’s not perfect but my husband loves all of it. I’m self-conscious about my mum tum – I hate it! – but he puts his arms around me and tells me I’m beautiful. He says he’s married me – he didn’t marry me for my body. Craig’s told me I could have been a size 30 and it wouldn’t have bothered him.’