And it's not why you think...


It’s been a strong few weeks since Essex lady Sam Faiers had welcomed her second child into the world with partner Paul Knightley.

The couple, who are already parents to one-year-old Paul junior, had announced they had welcomed their daughter on the 11th of November.

Welcome to the world our beautiful baby girl 💕👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

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However, despite two weeks having passed since the arrival of their second baby, the couple have been yet to divulge any information surrounding their baby girls name – and it’s been driving fans (and us) a lil’ bit crazy…

Despite a fair few fans thinking they may have decoded the teeny tots name, Sam has actually spoken out about the reason why she is yet to announce her daughters name.

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After a fan had commented on a recent picture of the newborn asking ‘What’s her name why all the secrecy’, Sam had replied to explain that the couple actually just haven’t decided on a name yet!

Sam replied to the message with a comment which reads: ‘There is no secrecy we just haven’t named her yet’.


With Sam waiting almost three weeks to reveal the name of her first born, we’re sure it’s just a waiting game for her daughters name.

However, whilst we’re sure the Essex lady will reveal her daughters name in good time, the mother-of-two has been very certain that she won’t be sharing her middle name – after the 26-year-old had received quite a lot of criticism for her sons name, Paul Tony.

When we spoke with Sam earlier in the year, she had shared: ‘It irritated me because his name’s Paul, his middle name’s Tony. His name is not Paul Tony, it’s Paul’.

Sam had then warned, ‘When I have my next baby, I’m not telling people the middle name’.

Whilst we’re dying to know, we have to respect that Sam has a point here. Sending our very best to Sam and the family!