But the former TOWIE star comes to the defence of her other half


Anniversaries divide people in two opposite camps. You either drop £££ and shower your loved one with OTT gifts, or you’re you might actually not even remember the date you became ‘official’.

Sam Faiers is definitely in the first camp, but from what we can tell, her baby daddy Paul apparently isn’t.

On last night’s episode of The Mummy Diaries, fans saw Sam sweetly giving her boyfriend loads of treats for their two-year ‘Cotton’ anniversary, including a very cute commissioned mould of their baby’s feet. Which disappointingly was not made of cotton.

But 25-year-old Sam’s thoughtfulness wasn’t exactly repaid, as we didn’t see Paul give her anything in return. Nothing. Not even a bunch of wilting flowers from the garage or a ‘happy birthday’ card with ‘birthday’ crossed out and replaced with ‘anniversary’.


Viewers were quick to pick up on this and hit out at Paul on Twitter for ‘not caring’.

However, Sam didn’t take the criticism lying down and took to Instagram to defend her boyfriend.

She captioned a picture of a quote that read: “Positive mind. Positive vibes. Positive life”



She wrote: “[There have been]… some (very few) negative tweets saying Paul didn’t treat me for our anniversary ‘he doesn’t give a s**t’. Well actually he organised something very special for me away from the cameras.”

Well, that settles that then.

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