Sarah Harding was slated after her performance in Corrie, but ITV denies sacking her

She’s just released a new single, Threads, and embarked on an acting career, but things aren’t quite going to plan for Sarah Harding. Despite the negativity being thrown her way online, though, Sarah is keeping positive, and posted a Tweet saying ‘the only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it.’

After appearing in Coronation Street as Joni Preston for just four episodes, she was slated on Twitter by Corrie fans who said her acting made them ‘cringe’, and her performance ‘literally pains me’.

As if the wrath of a Twitter mob wasn’t enough – they’re an angry bunch at the best of times – reports then followed that her performance had left the show’s bosses unimpressed, and that she’d been unceremoniously axed.

But when Now contacted ITV, they denied giving her the boot, saying her character was only ever set to appear in four episodes. ‘Sarah was always only contracted for a four-episode cameo role,’ they told us, but added that ‘there are no immediate plans for the character of Joni to return.’

So, with her acting career seemingly over, it’s up to her new single to ensure her comeback goes to plan, right?

Thankfully, the online community was a bit kinder about her new song and video.

This person was pleasantly surprised.

Ed PROMISED we’d like it.

Sarah has recently described how she’s calmed down since her Girls Aloud days, and we’re sure she can bounce back from this setback. After all, it’s not the first time she’s tried her hand at acting – she’s also appeared in St Trinians 2 and Run For Your Wife. The cobbles might not have been meant to be, but have we seen the last of Sarah on our screens? We don’t think so!

Watch Sarah talk about her solo career.


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