And she drags her husband Matthew Broderick along, too

Sex And The City star Sarah Jessica Parker is so determined to keep her marriage to Matthew Broderick on track, she’s been having talks with a psychic.

A source tells Now: ‘Sarah first recruited the psychic to give her advice on her career. She wasn’t sure whether to 
sign up for the Sex And The City movie sequel, so she asked him to look into her future and see what she should do.

‘Then Matthew also found himself being dragged off to see the clairvoyant. He wasn’t into it, but Sarah told him it was the only way they could survive as a couple.

‘She said the future of their marriage depended on seeing him on a regular basis.’

SJP became concerned about her marriage after she found the strain of keeping a happy home life and a thriving career too much.

As Now has reported, the actress has been away for long periods shooting her new film. At the same time she’s been caring for son James, 7, and twin girls Marion and Tabitha, 9 months.

In 2008, there were rumours that Matthew, 48, had an affair while his wife was away. According to our source, it was during the lowest ebb of the crisis that SJP started consulting the psychic.

The insider tells Now: ‘Sarah‘s had the courage to explore her future and get it back in the right direction. This proves that she wants to take control of her life and her marriage.’

See the full story about Sarah Jessica Parker in Now magazine dated 5 April 2010 – out now!