The Voice's Sasha Simone reveals her experience of depression and alcohol addiction...

Tear prone finalist of The Voice Sasha Simone, has revealed she experienced depression and alcohol addiction before appearing on the singing contest.

‘I was so miserable I couldn’t see anything positive in my life,’ Sasha says.

The soul singer who is backed by mentor Tom Jones crashed to rock bottom when she became addicted to booze spending her days drinking in her bedroom.

‘I was crying and drinking on my own, I just couldn’t face my life,’ she explains.

Sasha believes her troubled childhood – which led to her leaving home at 15 – left her with crippling depression. The brave finalist said in recent interviews that her anxiety attacks left her terrified of singing in public.

‘If I was in a crowd I thought everybody would be looking at me. I’d get panic attacks. It just prevented me from doing anything,’ Sasha says.

Her love life has also been in turmoil after her boyfriend walked out at the height of her depression. ‘Everything I was going through got too much for him and he got fed up,’ she says.

But there has been a dramatic twist as he appears to have had a change of heart, with Sasha revealing recently: ‘The boyfriend is back. He realised we were good together.’

Throughout the voice Sasha has struggled emotionally and become famous for her tears. But she’s found an inner strength that has seen her win over millions of fans watching the BBC1 show. Sasha puts her tears down to low confidence but has found support from coach Tom Jones, who is helping her bid for stardom.

Tom’s been so supportive, he understands me, he knows when I’m upset,’ she says.

Inspirational Sasha joins the other finalists, Emmanuel Nwamadi, Stevie McCrorie and Lucy O’Byrne to impress the four coaches and win over the UK public.

And she’s hopeful of her chances: ‘I feel like I’m meant to be on the stage. The show has pulled me out of the darkness. It’s really helped me!

Good luck Sasha!

Matt Groom