Actress seeking retraction from Cosmopolitan

Scarlett Johansson is considering taking legal action against UK Cosmopolitan for attributing quotes to her which she says are false.

The actress is featured in a candid four-page spread in the January issue of the magazine.

But her publicist Marcel Pariseau claims the piece was cobbled together from an interview she gave to the American edition in August and old quotes from years ago.

He also insists Scarlett’s comments about her wedding to Ryan Reynolds, 32, were completely made up because she tied the knot in September, after the US interview.

‘The quotes attributed to Scarlett Johansson regarding her marriage in the UK edition of Cosmopolitan are wholly fabricated,’ he tells The Independent.

Ms Johansson has at no point granted UK Cosmopolitan an interview, and she has never discussed her personal relationships with the publication. The timeline is inaccurate.’

Scarlett, 24, is seeking a retraction from Cosmopolitan and is considering taking legal action.

UK Cosmopolitan printed an interview with Scarlett Johansson that included quotes from an agency journalist regarding the actress’s marriage,’ reads a statement from the magazine.

‘We ran these quotes in good faith…UK Cosmopolitan is taking the complaints by Ms Johansson‘s publicist seriously and is investigating the matter further.’

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