See what Jack Black and the rest of the School of Rock cast are up to now

School of Rock had us singing along to their tongue-in-cheek lyrics and desperate to start up a rock band of our very own at school. And now, 12 years after the film was released, we’re taking you back to school to see what those school kids of Horace Green look like and are up tom, now that they’ve graduated. School’s in session!

Jack Black as Dewey Finn
Who didn’t think Jack Black was the BEST teacher to have when watching the film?| Looking back though, Mr.Finn’s style of teaching may have been fun, but also questionable. But we would’ve given up our GCSE’s to play a triangle in his band. Since then, Jack Black has continued to share his hilarious humour on the big screen – from comedies in Anchorman with Will Ferrell to romcoms in The Holiday with Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet. He was of course also with his partner in crime Kyle Gass, in Tenacious D The Pick of Destiny back in 2006, before lending his voice to Po in the successful film and franchise, Kung Fu Panda, which is coming out with it’s third film next year! Between all that, Jack got married to his wife Tanya Haden in 2006, who he met again 15 years after going to the same school together – childhood sweethearts! The couple have two sons together, nine-year-old Samuel and seven-year-old Thomas. We’re thinking they should start School of Rock 2.0

Miranda Cosgrove as Summer (aka Tinkerbell)
Out of all the kids in the film, sassy manager Summer has probably had the most successful career since life after School of Rock. She was a regular on popular kids TV show, Drake and Josh, and went on to have her own show iCarly which aired for five years. She’s even in everyone’s favourite minion-filled film, Despicable Me, as the voice of oldest sister Margo. You go girl!

Joey Gaydos Jr as Zack (aka Zack Attack)
After shredding awesome guitar solos in the classroom, Joey went on and continued his musical talents and formed The Joey Gaydos Group in 2005, whose debut album was released the following year. Joey hasn’t been a star pupil though as he was arrested back in 2009 for driving under the influence while underage, but has been a teacher’s pet ever since and had no other charges. These days, he’s the lead guitarist in Badd Raquette – WHAT a punny name – as well as looking like a Howard Wolowitz doppelgangers from The Big Bang Theory. (Weirdly alike right?…)

Rebecca Brown as Katie (aka Posh Spice)
Like Posh Spice but cooler, Katie played the bass and is still playing bass in the band Sweet Revenge and sings in another band called The Brothers Star Race, as well as regularly uploading performances to her YouTube channel, Becca Brown. Not just musically talented though, Rebecca is quite the funny girl performing weekly at the MCL Theatre in Chicago and sketch and improv comedy theatre, The Second City. Music and comedy? Seems like she’s following in her teacher Jack Black’s footsteps!

Kevin Clark as Freddy (aka Spazzy McGee)
After drumming his way through School of Rock, Kevin went on to become a professional drummer and has stayed BFFs with fellow rock-star Rebecca. Like Joey, Kevin hasn’t acted since he left the classroom, but you can hear him do his thing in band, Robbie Gold.

Robert Tsai as Lawrence (aka Mr.Cool)
Not only serving up a killer keyboard solo – yes that does exist – but Mr.Cool also dished up one of the BEST lines of the movie while talking to failing musician and teach Mr.Finn: ‘You’re a fat loser and you have body odor.’ (We’ll be using that as a comeback for all future terrible dates from now on thanks). Robert’s skills tinkling of the keys have only gone up the scale as he’s an accomplished pianist. He’s also part of a successful dance group, Instant Noodle Group and runs a blog, Making Sure My Pen Works – what a triple threat!

For the 10 year anniversary of the film, the WHOLE cast reunited and even performed a full-on gig!

Now, this weekend’s homework? No, not algebra (phew!) Watch School of Rock while air-guitaring!

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Amy Lo