It looks like Ella is already very chatty if this footage posted by Jacqueline Jossa is anything to go by!

She might only be four months old but little Ella Osborne has already got quite a lot to say for herself!

Yep, Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne’s baby girl is starting to talk in her own adorable way and was filmed by Jacqueline having a bit of a chat this morning.

The clip – which is possibly the cutest thing EVER – shows Ella staring at the camera as she makes a series of sweet little noises.

‘Ella’s morning talk to herself.. good morning all!!’ proud mum Jac, 22, captioned the heart-warming footage.

After a few gasps and mumbles Ella smacks her lips and then breaks into a gorgeous smile. The tot then gives a little giggle – awww! It’s almost TOO cute.

Jacqueline’s fans were equally as smitten with the video. One commented on the clip: ‘Aww she couldn’t be any cuter!!!!’

Another follower wrote: ‘Awh she totally has your smile! What a gorgeous little gem!! Xx’

Maybe Ella has been talking to distract herself from the intense heatwave. Yesterday Jacqueline shared a photo of her daughter rubbing her head with her hand as she tried to keep cool.

‘Weather is too much for this dramatic little bubba!’ the EastEnders actress quipped. Maybe she’s inherited your flair for the arts, Jac!

Jacqueline and Ella clearly enjoy their mum and daughter time in the mornings. Earlier this week the newly-engaged mum-of-one shared a lovely selfie with her little one as they chilled out together in bed.

‘No make up morning selfie l! we are both a little sleepy!! Xx,’ Jacqueline told her followers.

The lack of snooze time really didn’t show though as both mummy and baby were glowing!

Ella is clearly coming on a treat and we bet she’ll be chatting away when her parents’ wedding comes around.

Dan, 24, proposed to Jacqueline last month during a holiday to Greece and Jac recently hinted that she’s already planning the nuptials, having posted a picture of a weddings magazine a few days ago.

We can’t wait!

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