Actor to lock lips with James Marsters for Torchwood

John Barrowman will plant a smacker on another man in Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood.

The openly gay actor, 40, kisses co-star James Marsters, 45, in the sci-fi TV show.

The pair both play intergalactic captains and Torchwood is famed for its sexy content, with John’s character being bisexual.

In real life, John is joined in a civil partnership with boyfriend of 14 years, British architect Scott Gill.

The actor says they are planning to adopt and also have a celebrity female friend who is willing to be a surrogate mum for the couple.

‘She has said if I wanted to, she would,’ John tells the Daily Record. ‘I think I would be a good dad. Scott and I have an incredible amount to offer a child.

‘But the side of me that is selfish would also like to have a blood child. If we were doing that, we’d have one and adopt one.’

The steamy kiss takes place on BBC2 at 9pm on 16 January.

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