Yes, Brooklyn Beckham we wanna be in your gang #squadgoals

He may have been born to one of the most famous families in the world but Brooklyn Beckham, who is now 16-years old, is fast becoming a celebrity in his own right – and blimey, is this kid cool!

Ok, so lets look at the evidence. At 16, can you remember having one million Instagram followers? Nope, you were probably writing love letters to the boy who lived down the road and inevitably broke your heart! But Brooklyn has just that and he posted a video sharing the news with his Brooklynites.

In the short clip posted in April, he said: ‘So it’s my mum’s birthday today.’ Adding: ‘I’ve just reached a million followers.’ WOW!

But his A-list lifestyle doesn’t end there. Oh no! There was a time when Brooklyn used to be Victoria and David’s plus one at events but now he’s the one chaperoning his younger brothers, Romeo and Cruz at the Kids Choice Awards in March. Lets not forget about him rubbing shoulders with the crème de la crème of the fashion world including Cara Delevigne, Harry Styles and his mum’s close friend Eva Longoria. Brooklyn also shared a shot of himself posing with Sir Elton John, captioning the picture with ‘With the coolest godfather@eltonjohn.’

Some celebrity off-spring prefer to shun the limelight in favour of a quiet life, but that’s clearly the furthest thing from Brooklyn’s mind as he was spotted with Will Smith’s youngest two, Jaden and Willow while partying it up at the Wireless Festival, last weekend. Keen to share his time with the Pinkett-Smiths, he shared a snap of the trio on his Instagram, writing ‘Nice hanging with these two.’ But it Brooklyn’s ability to make friends is clearly transatlantic as he was also spotted with rapper Drake, One Direction’s Nail Horan and er, Joey Essex.

To celebrate his 16th birthday, Brooklyn was also sent a pair of trainers from Kanye West, which retail at nearly £1,000!

And lastly, and this is definitely one for the memory book – he’s met legendary physicist Stephen Hawking in May.

Posting the special moment on his Instagram account he told his fans: ‘What an honor to meet Stephen Hawking. Such an inspiring afternoon.’

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