TV presenter happy with results of her surgery

Celebrity Big Brother winner Ulrika Jonsson has had her boobs reduced from an E cup to a C.

Ulrika, 41, went under the knife at St John & St Elizabeth Hospital in north-west London.

She also had a breast lift during the £6,000 four-hour procedure last month.

‘For 20 years, I have longed for new breasts,’ she says. ‘Words cannot describe how much I hated the ones Mother Nature had given me, especially when four children had finished with them.

‘For me, they were awkward, cumbersome, unsightly, heavy, foreboding, unsexy, repulsive. Frankly, they revolted me.’

Ulrika is now overjoyed with her new bosom.

‘I used to be a Volvo, now I am a Ferrari,’ she tells the Daily Mail. ‘And I can’t wait to hit the road.’

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