We cried, we gasped and we begged Jack ‘not to let go’. Check out how the cast have changed since 1997 epic film Titanic

Yes, you read right. It’s been 17 whole years since Rose (played by Kate Winslet) and Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) sailed off on the magnificent Titanic.

He was a penniless and oh-so-cute artist, she was the first-class passenger and fiancée of the arrogant steel-heir Cal – and before disaster struck, they indulged in a whirlwind romance. Who can forget that steamy car scene? The hand!

In 1997 it was the film of the year. It swept up a stack of Golden Globes, SAGs and Celine Dion’s song My Heart Will Go On went to number one all over the world.

Of course, it was also the making of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio – who have since remained firm friends and gone on to do some incredible roles.

‘She’s one of my closest friends and feels we can say anything to each other,’ Leo once said. 

’We were both just kids of 21 when we made Titanic all those years ago. But, even then, Kate seemed more mature and worldly than I was.

‘I cried on her shoulder many times as we found the demands of filming under the director James Cameron so tough. We have never not been friends since that time. I speak to her all the time. But friends – not lovers.’

Thanks for clarifying that, Leo.

Kate‘s also said: ‘He’s probably the world’s most beautiful looking man, yet he doesn’t think he’s that gorgeous. And to me, he’s just smelly, farty Leo.’

Ha ha – smelly, farty Leo. We still would though!

But while we know that Leo is still working his way through leggy-blondes and Kate is a mum-of-three and happily married for the third time to Ned RocknRoll, what about the other stars? The brave Captain who went down with his ship, and Molly Brown, played by Kathy Bates, with her big feathery hats?

Check it out…

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Lydia Southern