Zayn Malik has been attracting attention for all the wrong reasons since leaving One Direction

Friends of Zayn Malik have publicly talked about their concerns for the ex One Direction member for the first time, saying he’s ‘self-destructing’ and that he has pushed away all those who used to be close to him.

Since quitting One Direction, Zayn has dumped Perrie Edwards by text message, sacked his old management team and gone on a series of Twitter tirades, most recently at Calvin Harris.

A source close to Zayn said: ‘He’s self-destructing right now. I hope he’s got someone there for him, I doubt he has though… He’s p***ing off so many people.’

It isn’t just his friends that he’s reportedly alienating, either – a former work colleague said he’d been ‘acting like a complete idiot’ and had ‘[proved] himself to be a hugely disloyal person’ after turning his back on Simon Cowell and his label reps at Syco, as well as his old management team.

He’s now got himself a new manager and PR company – who, in a twist of fate, also represent his new nemesis Calvin Harris – but former friends aren’t convinced his solo career can survive his recent behaviour.

Speaking to The Sun, the source said: ‘It’s hard to see him having much support left by the time he’s ready to release any music. You can blame other people, like his new management, but really, it’s him. He hasn’t had any success as a solo artist yet.’

Most recenty, Zayn had been working with producer Naughty Boy, but it seems unlikely that a collaboration between the pair will see the light, after Zayn poked fun at him on Twitter, calling him a ‘fat joke’.

Gosh. James Arthur‘s Twitter meltdown of last year pales in comparison!

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