Blonde Electra’s shady past has just made The X Factor a whole lot more interesting…


We’re used to stories of dying cats, estranged cousins and battles with runny noses each year on The X Factor, but Blonde Electra have blown all other sob stories and secret histories out the water since revealing the skeletons in their closets.

In fact their nearest and not-so-dearest are so scandalous they make Katie Waissel‘s prostitute granny look like Fraulein Maria.

The girls, Jazzy, 24, and Ruby, 22, were raised in a cult.

Yes you read that correctly.

Their father Michael King, 74, (who has 11 children and is cousins with George Osbourne) met their mother Joanna on a commune that recruited disciples through sex and encouraged women to go braless and expose their breasts.

‘He joined this cult in Brazil called the Children of God. He met our mother there,’ explains Jazzy to the MailOnline. ‘He’d been married twice and had a load of kids, but they didn’t want anything to do with him after this.’

Michael soon left the Children of God to found his cult, the Red Letter Children.

‘King by name, King by nature,’ jokes Ruby. ‘He’s a missionary who thinks his mission is to save the world. He’s strict, radical, the biggest diva ever. He believes he’s God’s prophet on earth.’

Michael took his family across the world to spread the message of the cult. In fact the girls say they must have moved house about 80 different times.

‘We felt under house arrest,’ says Ruby. ‘We weren’t allowed toys. Most of the places we lived were grim. In the Ukraine we were basically in a ghetto, with no running water. I didn’t have a shower until I was 11. Dad felt you need to suffer to be a good person.’

And if you think all of this sounds a bit far-fetched Michael himself confirmed his eccentric behaviour in his autobiography.

He writes: ‘We believed quite erroneously as we now know full well, that God would work for us if we were prepared to offer sexual favours to the so-called sexually hungry men who would then help us to achieve our goal of getting to India.

‘We met a young Muslim man who claimed to be very rich and promised to buy our fare in return for favours from Joanna. Well this didn’t work and he was an absolute charlatan.’

In an even more bizarre twist, the girls’ parents have now gone in the opposite direction by converting to Catholicism. However because they were already married they were only allowed to do this if they took a vow of celibacy, and now according to Jazzy and Ruby, sleep in separate beds.

Aged 13 and 15 the sisters were living in Germany and fled to America to pursue their dreams of becoming pop stars. They had remained in ‘kind of’ in contact with their parents since then, but have been disowned now they’re on The X Factor.

‘Oh, we’ve been excommunicated. They’ve sent us emails telling us it is evil and disgusting. They think X Factor is the Devil’s work.’

On top of their travelling sex cult past, Blonde Electra are also related to Cher (as in megastar, not Lloyd), who’s son Elijah Blue is married to their older sister Queenie. ‘Cher‘s awesome, a top lady’ says Jazzy.

And what about their distant uncle, George Osbourne? ‘Ha no, we’ve never met George Osbourne. He might not know we even exist!’

So we’re going to go out there and say that these two are by far the most interesting X Factor hopefuls we’ve had.

Can we keep them in for the whole series please? You never know, we might find out that one of them is secretly married to Prince Harry while the other is carrying his child. Stranger things have happened with these two.

X Factor live shows start tomorrow at 7.30pm.

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