TOWIE star Dan Osborne has been named Attitude magazine's Fittest Man Of The Year – and we can see why…


Oh Dan Osborne, why do you do this to us? Just when we’ve pulled ourselves away from staring at one photo of you, you go and do another shoot and seem to get ten times hotter!

Seriously, you’re going to put our jobs at jeopardy if you continue like this, Dan – stop distracting us!

No, actually… please don’t! We like looking at you.

In his latest drool-worthy photoshoot for Attitude magazine, Dan – who’s a 24-year-old personal trainer – kindly got into his birthday suit for us to see him in all his glory. The TOWIE star was crowned Fittest Man Of The Year by the publication, so as well as celebrating in the buff, he also posed for their cover in some teeny, tiny, tight white Speedos.

Frankly, we’re not sure which pictures of Dan we prefer the most.

In the cover photo he’s giving us those come-to-bed eyes, which provide a momentary distraction from his man-package.

But then, the shots where he’s in the buff seem more seductive. What’s behind him? Is a jungle lion chasing him? Why is he hugging a window frame (We wish that window frame was us)? And WHAT is that yellow napkin hanging off of? Also, why did no one think to clean those windowpanes? Dan Osborne was coming around for goodness sake!

But, blimey – that bottom! Is it wrong we want to bite it? Oh Jacqueline Jossa, how we envy you!

Dan – who’s a dad to 10-month-old son Teddy, and expecting his second child with EastEnders actress Jacqueline, 21 – recently rubbished reports that the naked pictures he sent to TOWIE‘s Georgia Kousoulou have emerged online.

Dan accidentally (or maybe on purpose?!) sent Georgia a naked selfie, who proceeded to pass the picture around to all her impressed friends on TOWIE last week, with Gemma Collins even remarking: ‘That ain’t normal’. In fact, we also remember the words ‘an elephant’s trunk’ being mentioned too.

‘Everyone’s seen me naked,’ Dan said. ‘It’s all over the Internet, every single month. It’s not a big deal! There is no picture of my penis coming out anywhere though, so there’s nothing to worry about.’

Okay Dan, we’ll stop worrying and continue to stare at these instead.

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