The actress has opened up about her mental health struggle

Much-loved actress, Sheridan Smith faced a tough time in 2016 after she was forced to take a two-month break from West End production Funny Girl following her dad’s cancer diagnosis.

Unfortunately, Sheridan then lost her dad Colin in December last year, and has now opened up about how his tragic death caused her to ‘lose her mind’.


Talking on an upcoming episode of The Jonathan Ross Show – which is due to air on Saturday – the Gavin and Stacey star opened up about her public breakdown, admitting: ‘It was the worst thing.

‘I hate it and I always think “The show must go on” and I hate letting anyone down but I think the public understood in a way that you can’t choose when these things happen.’

Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith and her dad, Colin [Photo by Dave M. Benett/Getty Images]

Explaining when things became too much for her, the 36-year-old revealed:  ‘It was a gradual build up when my dad got diagnosed and I just couldn’t continue.

‘I lost my mind, I completely did to the point where people were stopping me in the street and cuddling me because people understand that, it’s just life.’ How sad is that?

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Sheridan also touched on her crippling anxiety battle, which eventually left her unable to work, saying: ‘I’d been performing anyway leading up to that, and I’ve always had a bit of anxiety, and so I was a little bit nervous but the catalyst of it all was my dad.

‘Now I’m in a better place, I want to say “It’s okay not to be okay” because I didn’t speak about it and then it snowballed and it came to this huge head… You’re scared to ask for help because people think “Oh what have you got to be worried about?”

‘I’ve taken time away, stepped away, managed to be around my family, have some quality time with them and come back with this album and a tour and hope that people welcome me back.’

Sheridan Smith

[Photo by David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images]

As she makes a BIG return to the limelight with her own hour-long show on ITV and a new album, the star admitted that she’s still working on keeping her anxiety under control.

‘It’s a weird thing because people just go, “Pull yourself together” and that’s the worst thing you can say…’, she sad.

‘You can’t help it. Unfortunately it just comes. It’s an issue that I have that I’m working on.’

Luckily, things are now looking like they’re on the up for Sheridan as she explained: ‘I’m straight back.

‘I’m filming an ITV drama at the minute, then a Channel 4 drama after that then I’m going on the road, I’m touring with the album which I’ve never done and I’m terrified.’

We’re sure the tour is going to be amazing. It’s great to have you back, Sheridan!