Actress Sheridan Smith worried fans by posted a string of tweets about a mystery 'idiot boy' - but made it clear they weren't about current boyfriend Greg Wood - Phew!

Sheridan Smith worried her loyal fans on Friday morning as she took to Twitter to rant about a mystery ‘idiot boy’.

The Black Work actress shared a string of cryptic messages with her 635k Twitter followers.

The first tweet – which has since been deleted – read: ‘It’s a good job I’m biting my tongue today!’

She followed up with: ‘Just been hurt by an idiot boy again but not gonna lower myself to his standards 🙂 love & light.’

And she added in another tweet:

The 34-year-old star is dating fellow actor Greg Wood – whom she started seeing earlier this year, just months after he split from his wife of 10 years – and many of her followers jumped to the conclusion that he was the ‘idiot boy’ in her tweets.

One replied, ‘One day the right man will walk through your door and sweep you off your feet,’ whilst another posted: ‘His loss sweetheart. He will regret it soon enough. Keep you head up, chest out and keep moving forward xxxx’

However, Sheridan was quick to clear up the confusion, making it clear that her tweets were not aimed at Greg.

Replying to a user who posted a link to a story headlined ‘Unlucky-in-love Sheridan Smith hints at split with boyfriend Greg Wood’, Sheridan tweeted: ‘who said it was Greg daily fail!’

But the plot thickened with another tweet referencing one of Greg’s Hollyoaks co-stars, Tamara Wall.

She wrote: ‘Let’s give @tammiew a big shout out coz she’s so honest & lovely.’

And her mysterious rant didn’t stop there.

Returning to Twitter a few hours later, Sheridan posted: ‘When 2 married people cheat it’s disgusting those poor partners but some people don’t even care even if kids are involved #dark.’

So just what is going on? Who IS this ‘idiot boy’ and what has he done to upset lovely Sheridan? We just don’t know, but whatever it is we’re sure she’ll bounce back – after all, as one fan tweeted in the wake of today’s tweets, ‘NO-ONE puts Sheridan in the corner.’

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