Bollywood star's parents blast Big Brother bosses

Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty’s mum says she contacted Big Brother bosses to demand they protect her daughter after hearing of her ordeal in the house.

‘I don’t know what took them so long,’ says Sunanda, 57. ‘Having Shilpa in the house might be good for the Channel 4 ratings, but I just wanted to bring my baby back.’

But despite what went on, Shilpa’s mum says she prays that no harm comes to Jade Goody.

She told The Sunday Mirror: ‘I fear for her safety. After the way she’s behaved, I know there are a lot of angry people out to get her.

‘I actually have no rancour in my heart for Jade. She’s just an ignorant girl who knows very little about other cultures. It’s sad, but I wouldn’t want to see any bad happen.’