Stars are criticised by Mediawatch-UK

Listeners have called for Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand to be disciplined over an answerphone message they left veteran actor Andrew Sachs.

BBC host Jonathan, 47, was appearing on Russell’s Radio 2 show when they rang up the Fawlty Towers star for an interview.

But when he failed to answer, they left him a voicemail.

‘He’s f**ked your granddaughter,’ Jonathan yelled into the machine. ‘[He] enjoyed her like a swing.’

Russell, 33, could also be heard shouting, ‘I wore a condom’.

The BBC has reportedly received over 1,600 complaints since the show was broadcast, and has issued an apology.

And Mediawatch-UK has called for both stars to be punished.

‘Ross and Brand are paid very expensive salaries,’ a spokesman tells The Sun.

‘We need to see if they should be removed from their posts.’

Andrew, 78, has requested an apology for his granddaughter Georgina Baillie, 23, who is in burlesque dance troupe Satanic Sluts.


Alison Adey