Reality star said to be upset over his comments


Kerry Katona has parted ways with her agent Max Clifford – after five years.

They’ve ended their working relationship after her shambolic interview on This Morning last week.

‘I spoke to Kerry this afternoon and she was pretty emotional and angry and said she no longer wanted me to represent her,’ he says. ‘I said I thought that was the best thing at the moment.

‘Everybody knows I’m very fond of her, but I’ve not been able to do what I would like with her.

‘I gave her away in Italy and have almost been a surrogate dad to her.

‘I’ve been there through the depression and drink and drugs. I just wish her health and happiness.’

Kerry, 28, is thought to have been angered by comments Max, 65, made about her drinking and her husband Mark Croft, 38.

‘People around her are telling me that she is drinking more and more, earlier and earlier,’ says Max.

‘Mark is at the centre of Kerry‘s life and so you can’t overestimate the effect he has on her life.

‘She loves him to bits and therefore he has an impact on everything she does.’

Kerry and Mark maintain her slurring was the result of her prescription medication for bi-polar discorder. 

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