Singer left with split lip


Leona Lewis was knocked out by her horse earlier this month.

The stallion which was given to The X Factor 2006 winner as a birthday present head-butted her when she went out riding in LA.

Leona, 24, was left with a split lip and has had to push back recording her new album while she recovers.

Something startled the horse and it flicked its head back and smacked Leona full in the face, a source tells the Daily Mirror.

She was knocked flying by the force of it. Thankfully she didnt need any surgery, but she was told to stay at home and rest just in case she passed out with concussion.

She doesnt blame the horse though it was just one of those things.

Leona also owns a Rottweiler called Rome and was snapped walking Marni, an animal rescue centre dog, while out in LA this week.

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