Find out what Luke Perry and his fellow 90s teen heart-throbs look like now


Do you remember spending the entire summer looking at posters of Beverly Hills 90210 hunk Dylan (Luke Perry) and wondering which cookie he was going to eat*?

Or did you spend most of your time during English class doodling different versions of your future married name, Mrs James Van Der Beek, on your school folder?

Nowadays, the world might be web crazy for the One Direction fans but back in the 90s, we were busy plastering our walls with posters of Mark-Paul Gosselaar (real name: Zach-from-Saved-By-The-Bell), secretly fantasising about what it would be like to crawl through Zach’s window, Jessie Spano-style (Elizabeth Berkley).

Or we were falling deeper in love with Nick Carter, despite his wildly-bizarre Halloween-inspired dance moves in The Backstreet Boys’ video for Everybody (Backstreet’s Back). 

What were we thinking?

Thank goodness for Jared Leto – My So-Called Life might have only lasted for one incredible season, but his unforgettable character Jordan Catalano had us completely smitten from his first silent, slightly-confused stare.

But then again, perhaps Jordan looked that way because he didn’t understand why he had developed feelings for whiny Angela (Claire Danes).

While most of our earliest boy crushes grew up to be devastatingly-handsome men, some of them make us question our teen choices. Damn you, hormones!

Click through our gallery above to find out what your 90s teen heart-throbs look like now!

*For those of you who need to catch up, motorcycle-loving Dylan had
been struggling to choose between popular girl Kelly (Jennie Garth) and
the tomboy Brenda (Shannon Doherty).

Fed up with Dylan’s
indecisiveness, Brenda and Kelly each handed him a biscuit shaped like their
first initial and asked him to take a bite of the girl he loved more. And then
the screen faded to black!

Erm, can you say CLIFFHANGER?

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