X Factor judge doesn't want to settle down

Simon Cowell has admitted that he’ll probably never get married.

The X Factor judge, 49, split from long-term girlfriend Terri Seymour last month and says he’s been enjoying the bachelor life.

‘I don’t mean to sound horrible to Terri, but I’m having a great time being single,’ he says. ‘It’s really good fun.

‘You know the best thing about being single? Those late night calls I don’t have to make any more, like: “Darling I’ll be late home again.”’

Simon and US TV presenter Terri, 34, dated for 6 years.

‘It was sad when Terri and I finished but now I get to do what I want, which is brilliant,’ he tells The People.

‘I don’t want to settle and get married and I don’t think I ever will.’

Holly Arnold

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