Louis, Dannii and Sharon get ticking off

Furious Simon Cowell, 48, has given fellow X Factor judges Sharon Osbourne, Dannii Minogue and Louis Walsh a dressing down after getting fed up with their squabbling.

‘Simon went off the deep end with the lot of them,’ says an insider. ‘He’s sick of the bitching and decided to show them who wears the trousers on the X Factor.

‘Simon’s top dog and he gave them a full and frank reminder.’

The two-hour meeting took place behind closed doors.

‘They are all absolutely seething while Simon is walking round with one of those superior smirks on his face,’ the source tells the Sun. ‘It’s all very tense and it could kick off again at any moment.’

This weekend 2 acts are going to be given the axe on the show but hopefully none of the judges will follow….