After Karen Danczuk exclusively told Now a reconciliation with Simon Danczuk may be on the cards, her ex husband has said the same...

His ex-wife told now! last week she’d ‘never say never’ about a reconcilation, and now Labour MP Simon Danczuk has suggested he is set to rekindle his relationship with Selfie Queen of Politics Karen Danczuk.

Simon poured his heart out about the mother of his children, saying he loves her ‘dearly’ and would like to get back together.

Talking to Phillip Schofield and Amanda Holden on This Morning, the 48-year-old revealed, ‘I love Karen dearly, she is the mother of two beautiful children – I’m not sure how she feels – but [a reconciliation] is the million dollar question I suppose. I love Karen, we’ve had some great times together, and of course I’d like us to get back together.’

Simon, who has two sons with Karen – Milton, seven, and Maurice, five – also said that his battle with depression and alcohol were factors in the breakdown of their three-year-marriage, adding it is something he’ll regret forever.

‘I should have got a grip of it. I’ve been for counselling much more recently and started to deal with it, but it took its toll on our relationship… and that’s something I’ll regret forever.’

Talking about accusations his wife – who told Now the two of them split because they became ‘ships that passed in the night – faced about an alleged affair with hunky personal trainer Ben’ Bate, Simon said he suspected the 32-year-old didn’t cheat on him.

‘We spoke about this, we speak on a regular basis – we have two young children and they are our priority for both of us – and of course we’ve had that conversation, and I’m now convinced that nothing has gone on between them.’

However, despite gushing about his ex on the show, the evening before the interview took place, Simon corrected a twitter fan who called Karen ‘his silly wife’, saying ‘ex-wife’. Hours later, Karen told fans she was having a break from Twitter. We wonder if Simon’s complete u-turn on his feelings has something to do with Karen’s words in Now’s exclusive interview…

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