Rafiq Qureshi quizzed over claims he tried to sell Rubina Ali

The father of Slumdog Millionaire child star Rubina Ali has denied trying to sell his daughter for £200,000 to a reporter posing as a Dubai sheikh.

Rafiq Qureshi, 36, was arrested by Indian police in Mumbai yesterday after his first wife – nine-year-old Rubina‘s mum Khurshida Devade – made a complaint.

Khursida was very upset by the media claims, official Prakash Salunke tells The Sun.
We are registering her grievance and then we’ll investigate and decide what further steps should be taken in the matter.

When we questioned Rubina she said she does not want to go anywhere and wants to live with her father. Similarly, Rafiq Qureshi also said he has no intentions of selling her.

Rafiq was released without charge and insists hes innocent.

No one can buy my daughter no matter how much money they offer, he says. If someone is the poorest of the poor, or even mentally unfit, he wont sell his daughter.

And Rubina has made us proud. She has even been to the Oscars. We are deeply hurt. Those people who did the sting operation on us played with our feelings.’

Meanwhile, Khurshida was snapped having a catfight with Rafiq‘s new wife Mina yesterday over the allegations and even accused her of using black magic on Rubina.

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