Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton is welcoming Christmas with some cosmetic joy

She’s only 31 years old but Chantelle Houghton wants to revive her face for the festive season

While many people wait until the New Year to work on themselves, the star – who shot to fame on 2006’s Celebrity Big Brother – admits that she fancies improving her looks before 25 December.

Chantelle said when asked if she’d be getting her cosmetic procedures such as Botox, filler, eyebrows shaped and lips plumped up, that her revamp is on the way before 2015.

‘I’m hoping to do it before Christmas. Make myself look better,’ she said.

Chantelle – who used to be married to musician Preston from The Ordinary Boys and has a two-year-old daughter called Dolly with former fiancé Alex Reid – adds that one more surgery may be on the way next year.

When asked if there was any other surgery she wanted, she tells new! magazine: ‘Only to have my boobs taken out but other than that no. I want to lose loads of weight first then have them taken out.’

Chantelle is currently a 34F bust size, confessing they’re ‘quite big’ and that although she hasn’t figured out a date for the op, she’d like to reduce her breasts to a B cup.

At the moment the Essex girl is single but not quite ready to mingle, revealing that she’s not dating and avoids ‘weirdos’ by not actively using the Tinder app.

Although she’s disappointed by the way her past relationships have worked out, she hopes to get hitched again one day.

Chantelle says: ‘I’d prefer to have children first because I’m getting on a bit now. I’d like another three.’

Chantelle revealed in September that she feels ‘massive’ and needs to get back on track with her diet and exercise routine to get back to her dream weight.

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