We thought they were for keeps, but Stacey Solomon and Steve-O have decided to call time on their six-month relationship.

They say opposites attract, so when singer Stacey Solomon and Jackass stuntman Steve-O unexpectedly started dating six months ago, we thought it would last.

Sadly not. According to reports, Stacey, 25, has told friends that the pair have split up as it was too hard to maintain their long distance relationship.

With 41-year-old Steve-O being based in America, and Stacey being based in England, it was undoubtedly a bit of a struggle.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, a source revealed: ‘Stacey found it hard being away from Steve-O so they decided to put their relationship on hold.’

They added: ‘He has a huge tour in the States, as that’s where his fanbase is. The relationship developed quickly and was a real whirlwind, but for the time being it’s not to be.’

We’re hoping the cute pair decide to reignite their relationship in the future.

The two TV stars fell for each other whilst they were filming Channel 4 reality show, The Jump, where celebrities take on extreme winter sports.

Although they did seem like an unusual pairing, Stacey and Steve’s relationship blossomed and it wasn’t long before Steve-O met Stacey’s two children – Zachary, seven, and three-year-old Leighton.

In fact, the foursome have even been spotted together on holiday in Cornwall.

Previously Steve-O has gushed about his ‘sweetheart’ Stacey, saying:

‘We were in Austria for six weeks together [for The Jump] and pretty much on the first night I was just getting creepy and looking her up online,’ adding:

‘I liked her right away and we just started having a great time.’

Clearly their long-distance relationship was difficult as Stacey previously took to social media, sharing a cute photo of the pair alongside the caption:

‘It gets harder every time! Hats off to all of you long distance couples making it happen!! See you on he other side @officiallysteveo I miss you already! Lots of love, Stacey (COTW) haha.’
Fingers crossed this isn’t the be-all-and-end-all…


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