Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews admits he has spent the past three months in Tanzania 'building a school.'

Spencer Matthews has come out of ‘hiding’ after being kicked out of the I’m A Celebrity.. jungle for steroid abuse. He has also admitted taking the pills was ‘one of the biggest mistakes of his life.’

Speaking to BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat Spencer said the experience left him ‘anxious and depressed’ and confessed he took the pills ‘completely out of vanity’ because he wanted to ‘look good in the shower’.


‘When the reality came in that I was going home on the third day, I was just absolutely devastated,’ he said. ‘For someone that doesn’t get anxious or depressed, I felt pretty anxious and depressed. It was a bit of a dark time.’

The star says he was offered steroids while training for a charity boxing match and while reports at the time claimed he was addicted, the Made In Chelsea star is adamant he wasn’t and didn’t think he was doing anything wrong.


‘I was under the impression recreational use of steroids was fine, especially as they seem to be, very worryingly, readily available. I didn’t actually believe I was doing anything wrong at the time.’

After leaving the jungle Spencer did not admit himself to rehab, despite some newspaper reports.

Instead he flew to Tanzania and helped to build a school there. ‘I wanted to selflessly do something for other people and give back because I was in a bit of a muddled place,’ he said. ‘It was incredible. It was a really warm experience.’

Spencer has been inactive on social media on social media for over 15 weeks and is thought to have returned back to the UK two weeks ago.