Ex on the Beach last night saw Lauraand Stephen finally get together!

Trying to get close to someone while your ex is not only still in the picture, but coming on dates with the pair of you, is well, awkward to say the least!

And no-one knows that better than Stephen from Ex on the Beach, who not only is trying to get up close and personal with Laura, but also has to deal with the girl-on-girl drama between her and his ex, Megan.


But Laura was not worried one bit. When asked if she was jealous that Stephen and his ex Megan could rekindle something, she just served up a sassy reply of: ‘Erm no, I don’t think so. Have you SEEN me?’

That’s a fingernail emoji if we ever did see one.

With the three on them being sent on a zip-wire, it was a recipe for disaster from the very beginning. But thing’s went  from bad to worse when Jordan decided to go down the zipwire with Megan, and left Laura and her fear of heights alone in the treetops.

She wasn’t best pleased to put it lightly.

But the girls patched things up and Megan told Laura to go ahead and get to know Stephen all she wanted. And she did.

After spending the night together though, Laura might have got a bit of herself as she referred to herself as his girlfriend. Eek!

With Stephen being conscious that he didn’t one to be one of THOSE couples who hides away snogging each other all the time, Lauren was straight on it to make sure he knew she didn’t want to be like that either.

‘Don’t worry, I’m not going to be one of those girlfriends: “No you have to stay with me all night and you can’t leave my side”’

‘After last night I think me and Stephen are definitely going to get together. I can’t wait to see each other in the outside world! We’ll definitely be dating for a long time.’

Stephen’s reply of ‘s**t’ might say differently!

A short-term fling or the real thing? We can’t wait to keep watching to find out!