Kim Kardashian in pain as water retention returns during her second pregnancy

With millions in the bank, Kim Kardashian can afford anything she wants at the click of a finger. But no amount of money in the world can put a stop to one of the downsides of Kim’s second pregnancy: water retention. Now she’s been warned to slow down as it’s starting to cause her pain.

A source says: ‘Even though she¹s eating healthily, Kim’s legs and arms are swollen and it hurts her to move. She’s in pain from water retention and is practically bedridden. Doctors have told her there’s nothing she can do but the problem can get worse if she over-exerts herself, so they’re advising her to rest.

‘But despite Tweeting ‘I’m so tired’ on 28 July, she can’t seem to slow down and Kanye [West] is worried.’

It’s not the first time Kim, 34, has experienced this problem. During her pregnancy with her two-year-old daughter North, Kim complained of water retention, posting a picture on Instagram of her swollen feet, which had been imprinted by her Givenchy sandals.

She captioned the snap: ‘Swollen feet or a new Givenchy tattoo?’

While at an event in May 2013 wearing a pair of Louboutins, she said: ‘These hardly fit me any more. When I flew in them the other day, I landed with one strap unbuckled as I couldn’t get it around my ankle.’

Kim, who’s due to give birth to a baby boy in December, has been told to take time out but those close to her say she¹s unable to take heed, which is depressing her. Our source adds: ‘Her family are worried she’ll struggle with this pregnancy if she doesn’t slow down. She wants it to be hassle free this time, but it’s not looking like that¹s going to happen.’


Fitness expert Amanda Tress from fitpregnancy shares a few simple tips to reduce water retention:

Drink 8-10 glassesof water a day
Eat a low-sodium diet
Eat more potassium-dense food

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