Strictly Come Dancing star Kristina Rihanoff has received a torrent of abuse following her relationship with Ben Cohen

Strictly Come Dancing pro Kristina Rihanoff has come under fire lately for her relationship with TV dance partner Ben Cohen although her close friend Robin Windsor is definitely sticking by her side.

Following allegations that Kristina, 37, was dating Ben whilst he was with his ex wife Abby, the ballroom dancer has been inundated with vicious messages on Twitter.

At Tuesday Night’s Ego Professional X Macmillan Cancer Party, Now spoke to 35-year-old Robin, who has been Kristina’s professional dance partner for six years. When we brought up Kristina’s social media bullying, Robin admitted that the abuse she’s been receiving is ‘terrible.’

He added: ‘You know what, this happens in every day life all the time- it should have been one story and left. Why it’s been taken out on Kristina is even worse because she’s a single lady- she’s done nothing wrong.’

Kristina and Ben, 36, met whilst they were dancing together on last year’s Strictly. Claiming that Ben and Abby split a year ago, Kristina has defended her relationship with the England rugby star, although Abby reportedly wants Kristina to be axed from the popular BBC reality show.

Kristina has since spoken out, saying: ‘He left his wife a year ago. Just recently we started dating but we are allowed to see each other as two single people.’

Robin, 35, also spoke about how Kristina is coping. He said:

‘She wasn’t OK but now she’s learnt how to deal with it and move on and live a happy life,’ adding:

‘When you’re on social media you’re open to receiving stuff like this – if she’s tagged me in something I see the responses she’s getting and it makes me really sad. You want to reply and say leave the girl alone!’

Robin admitted: ‘I hope the two of them are so happy, they deserve one another.’

Robin attended Tuesday night’s event with his partner of two years, Marcus Collins, and the pair were VERY cute about eachother.

‘If it wasn’t for him (Marcus) I probably wouldn’t be stood here. I know I’ll spend the rest of my life with that man- he puts a smile on my face consistently,’ gushed Robin.

Marcus was also keen to chat but revealed that there was no rush for the pair to move their relationship forward.

‘There’s no engagement yet. I’m 27, I’m too young. Robin is like, ‘hurry up!’

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