The Strictly star, Peter Andre, has opened up about how wife Emily helps him overcome his biggest fears

If we know something about Peter Andre, it’s that this man will remain smiling no matter what is thrown at him!

But the Strictly star has confessed that this positive mental attitude has a lot to do with his wife Emily. The dad-of-three has opened up saying that he often fears he could slip into that dark place he faces in the early noughties with the stresses that he faces on a day to day basis, but that Emily – who is a doctor and 16 years his junior – keeps him grounded.

‘I fell into the anxiety hole or depression, even though I don’t know if that’s what it was,’ he said about the past. ‘I’ve been so scared of falling back into there that I had to look at everything a different way or I’d have just spiralled back in.’

‘Emily is a very good influence on me — kind, very smart, a logical thinker, she doesn’t panic,’ he continued to The Sun.


‘My last panic attack was three years ago, when I lost my brother. I went six months after that worse than ever and again I fell into that.

‘But Emily’s the one who helped me overcome it. I want to make it to our 60th anniversary, like my parents, though I’d have to live to 104. I’m going to go for it.’

Aww, you guys! We’ll be there to celebrate with you, purple rinse and all.