Presenter says she can’t stand drugs now

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson says she feels physically sick if she smells coke on someone.

The presenter, who had her nose reconstructed three years ago, admits it now repulses her.

‘If I kiss someone hello and they’re on cocaine, I can smell it in their pores and it immediately makes me want to throw up,’ she says.

‘I would dump a guy within a second if he was into drugs. I’m completely anti-drugs.’

Tara, 36, says coke has completely lost its appeal.

‘I’m not saying I was right, but when I was using cocaine it did have some glamour to it.

‘It was about dinner parties, silver trays, the cocaine set, and as awful as that was, the stuff I was doing was incredibly pure,’ she tells Observer Magazine.

‘Now it’s rat poison, Ajax and a little bit of cocaine. The drug world has become really seedy.’

Isobel Smith