Bet Karen Brady wasn't happy...

Cynics of sexism in the workplace were given a stark reminder in The Apprentice this week after one candidate made a comment that outraged viewers!

Lord Alan Sugar tasked the two teams with manufacturing their own sweets, and with the disastrous effort last week, both knew they needed to impress.

After a team mix up, Alana Spender (best name for a businessperson even) took charge of Team Titan. Before delegating if people should take responsibility of making the sweets or selling them to corporate clients, Alana asked the team if anyone had any preferences.

The Apprentice

Sofiane after he saw the Twitter reaction, probably [BBC]

However, Sofiane Khelfa put forward that he should be in the corporate side of things because: ‘I’ve got a wife who cooks for me.’

Since this is 2016 and not the 1960s, there was an obvious backlash on Twitter.


One tweeted: ‘T***. I hope she gobs in every meal.’

Another shared: ‘I’d send him straight back to the kitchen for that.’

And former The Apprentice candidate David Stevenson commented: ‘”I’ve got a wife who cooks for me” Sorry mate but I’ve got a P45 with your name on it. #TheApprentice’

Luckily for Sofiane, Team Titan was the winning team, making a profit of £785. Team Nebula slid into second with a tiny profit of £615.08, which meant they were sent into the boardroom.

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And eventually project manager Oliver Nohl-Oser was sent home. In the black cab home, he said: ‘I’m feeling really upbeat actually, it’s been a tremendous experience.’

He may have been sent home from The Apprentice, Sofiane, but that’s how you win the decent person competition.